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No Management Involved Why earn only 1.85% at the Bank or IRA?    Increase your Cash in your Bank  Hard Money / Private Lender wanted for current buying opportunities. 
Take advantage of the current foreclosure market as home prices have exceeded in
South Florida in 2012 and 2013.  Any investment will be titled with separate new LLC, with one partner only as to % of
shares as to Investment capital.

       Are you looking to invest in Real Estate without the hassles of tennants, repairs and home ownership?

       If so, diversigying your ivestment portfolio into private lending should be something to consider.  Financing properties

       for other invetors, while charging 8% to 12% rate of return on your cash is a lucrative, yet passive way to generate a

       steady stream of income at a respectable rate of return.   It is also safe because loan are equity rich and cash flow

       positive.  Plus they are insured!!  BECOME YOUR OWN BANK.... EARN MONEY LENDING


earn money lending